Good Plants for HomesDesert Plants and Trees

Raise your hands if you’re lazy but a plant buff? You want to have your own indoor garden or at least a few plants here and there or maybe just one in the living room for the ambiance and the pleasant garden smell to welcomed with every time you enter the house. But, either you are too occupied already that you are unable to cater to their needs such as watering and trimming. Which is why we bring you some of the most low-maintenance plants that adorn your house and ask for the lowest return;

Chinese Money Plant

It requires a less than moderate level of care, an indirect path of sunshine, some weekly misting and there you go with little and beautiful round shaped leaves. They bring you luck and peace according to the Masters of Chi and are cheap. However, they do entail a “drench and dry” approach where you have to wait for the soil to dry after watering it.

Staghorn Fern

These plants are used for ornamenting the wall, they protrude like a deer head but are much more of a warmer welcome than them. They provide moisture and rich humus while requiring low to almost no catering, just weekly misting. Staghorn are distinctively attractive and enhance the appearance of your doorway or external walls.

Snake Plants

Ideal location for a snake plant be in any vacant and void corner of your house uplifted with plant elevators to add appeal to an unfilled part of the house by adding almost nothing. However, access to indirect sunlight should be provided along by light watering and spraying.


Calatheas are beautiful plants with multi-shaded leaves that looks almost unreal, they complement your indoors with elegance and splendor. To effusively showcase Calatheas you need to place them in a white pot so that its purplish hues are vibrant and animated. Moreover, they require effortless care merely soil that is neither dry nor wet and in a position where it is out of reach of direct sunlight (which can cause its leaves to fade) and you have a lavish edge to your house.